The Body Care Essentials Collection


Your presence is everything. People who are being intimidated by you are the people who are impressed by you. You probably look great, but do you feel great? Great enough to conquer everyone and everything? Category:Men has what it takes to boost your confidence. That happens when you give your body, some attention, and by some, we mean A LOT. It’s time to stop choosing products because they ‘smell good’. It’s time to start looking into products and how they affect your skin and make you feel. Category Men’s The Body Care Essentials Collection is designed to give you that fresh feeling, packed with various botanical extracts, providing plenty of good moisture. Not to forget, paraben-free and all-natural ingredients make it even better for your skin. Shower with The Rejuvenating Body Cleanser, and finish with Category:Men’s The Restoring Body Cream which provides essential hydration and abundant nourishment. A unique blend to restore the skin’s natural balance so you feel fresh inside out.


We believe there's a lot going on when it comes to keeping a man's body healthy. Hence, we provide high-quality Body Cream and Cleanser in Men's Body Care Collection for the best body care routines so you can feel relaxed and can smell better at the same time. We deliver a variety of products in this range that are an amalgamation of safe ingredients to purify your skin and make it soft and radiant, all day long. Buy Men's Body Care Essential Collection today! Look better, feel better, and perform better in every situation. Kit includes:

Details + Care

1. The Rejuvenating Body Cleanser
The Rejuvenating Body Cleanser is a luxurious body blend, providing an exhilarating, clean freshness: it moisturizes the skin, without leaving a greasy residue. The moisturizing properties help to prevent reoccurring skin issues and potential breakouts. Paraben free and infused with botanical extracts to bind moisture to your skin while providing an attractive sheen that will last throughout the day. This versatile all-in-one body cleanser leaves skin feeling hydrated and refreshed.
2. The Restoring Body Cream
The Restoring Body Cream delivers an emulsion blend of water, oils, extracts, and antioxidants providing intense nourishment and overnight hydration. This light moisturizer helps to strengthen the skin’s barrier, balances the skin’s PH, and provides essential hydration for all skin types. It spreads easily and absorbs into the skin fast, providing abundant nourishment. It helps to soothe dry, cracked, and sensitive skin leaving skin moisturized, supple, and youthful. A unique blend of Jojoba, Palm, and Shea Butter help to restore the skin’s natural balance for radiant health.
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The Modern Fit follows the line of the body, it gives a more defined appearance to the garment. It tapers in slightly in the shirt body as apposed to a straight cut It is also slimmer in the sleeves, for a standard, tailored look.