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The Slick Pomade

Key ingredients

Soybean Oil

Helps hair keep its moisture. This carrier oil is full of good fatty acids, manganese, and vitamins. As if that is not good enough, the lipids in the oil helps hair treatments to absorb better into your hair. A non-greasy carrier oil that will improve moisture retention and shine.

Sweet Almond Oil

Almond oil is an emollient meaning it can fill in gaps in your hair at a cellular level, making it feel smoother to the touch. Using almond oil on your hair gives it a softer texture over time. But the active nutrients and properties of almond oil have been shown to help hair appear stronger, softer, and shinier. As an added benefit, almond oil is gentle on your scalp and smells great after it’s applied.

Carnauba Wax

It prevents cosmetic products from feeling sticky and leaves it with a dry effect. It has water-repellent, protecting and slightly film-forming properties in skin emulsions. Hair is provided with more shine.

Size Guide
The Modern Fit follows the line of the body, it gives a more defined appearance to the garment. It tapers in slightly in the shirt body as apposed to a straight cut It is also slimmer in the sleeves, for a standard, tailored look.