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Dos and Don’ts of Dressing Up

May 22, 2021

Men’s custom shirts

There is a thin line between a fashion icon and a fashion faux pas. While it’s great to experiment, one wrong move can turn into a disaster! With a little knowledge on the do’s and don’ts of dressing up, you can turn your average Joe look into something out of GQ. If you are after that effortlessly chic look, we suggest you incorporate these little tips into your dressing game and see how it changes your persona.


1. Invest in a Tailored Suit

Every man’s wardrobe should have at least one impeccably tailored suit. Ensure the fit is right as baggy shoulders or an ill-fitted pant can destroy the look of the entire outfit. We suggest you invest in tailoring as that is literally what will define a great suit, nicely showing off the bodice.

2. Match Shoes and Belt

No, we don’t mean they should be the same color exactly, but please keep them in the same shade family.

3. Maintain your Mane

We get to men view their beards as some sort of rite of passage but please don’t let it extend to your neck too much. Use the right shaving products to avoid hair growing towards the chest. Also ensure your hair looks perfectly styled for the occasion with Category Men’s Slick Pomade, arguable the best pomade for men.

4. Rock a Bow Tie

If you want to up your fashion game, a bow tie is the perfect accent. If you were looking to experiment but not too much, a patterned bow tie (stripes and polka dots for the win) would make a great start and be the ideal complement to that tuxedo.

5. Add Pastels

Even if you want to appear effortless, you can always look towards stylish shirts for men in colors other than black, blue and brown. We suggest throwing in a few pastel button-downs that don’t appear over-the-top yet look trendy.


1. Say Goodbye to Baggy Jeans

We get you might have a few baggy and embellished jeans from when you were a teenager but it’s high time to kiss them goodbye. Forever.

2. Wear Ill-Fitted clothes

We cannot stress the importance of good fit enough when it comes to men’s clothing. Oversized or tight clothes will always appear either sloppy or overdone.

3. Socks with Sandals

This one is a big no-no! Sandals are summer shoes and pairing them up with socks is going to look, well, absurd. We get comfort is a priority, but not when it compromises your entire look.

4. Going overboard with Brands

A golden fashion rule stands true even today: money can’t buy class. Overloading on branded items won’t guarantee that you’ll look Esquire worthy. Don’t purchase something just for the brand but make sure it looks good and fits well.

5. Wearing Wrinkled Clothes

Even if you’re opting for that effortless look, wearing wrinkled clothes is just going to portray you as lazy. This little detail can adversely affect the overall look of your attire.

If you’re looking for smart casual menswear to uplift your wardrobe, we suggest you head over to Category Men for the perfect fit and that classic effortlessly styled look.

Size Guide
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