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5 Style Takeaways From the COVID Pandemic

July 28, 2021

COVID-19 Fashion trends

COVID-19 was an eye-opener for us in many different ways, including style and fashion. The pre-pandemic and post-pandemic fashion trends differ significantly. With mass cancellations of weddings, concerts and other public events, the minimalist trend is back in full force.

The current men’s trending fashion is all about simple yet sophisticated, which is incidentally also what Sprezzatura is all about. Since work from home continues even as things have started to improve, here are a few lessons men can adopt to look up-to-date with the latest fashion trends.

1. Monochrome is Back

Since a lot of people had to suffer from loss of jobs and income due to the pandemic, this season’s fashion is all about getting the most out of what you have. This is why staple colors, namely monochrome, is back with a bang.

We strongly advise men to invest in solid color shirts as they not only look good but go well with a range of outfits. Instead of buying a range of outfits, limit your wardrobe to clothes that you will actually wear. Category Men offers luxury shirts in both Black and White that are made from the finest Egyptian cotton.

2. Modern-Fit

COVID-19 confined people in their homes, leaving them to realize the importance of boosting their immunity and working on their bodies. From celebrities to influencers, people were seen exercising to avoid gaining weight while inside their homes.

To show off their lean bodies, the post-pandemic fashion trend welcomes modern-fit shirts with open arms. Modern-fit is a men’s shirt style that conforms to the body slightly more than the traditional fit. It highlights the chest, arms and waist, all the places which should be fit. If you are looking for modern-fit shirts, Category Men offers a wide range of shirts in different colors and patterns.

3. Comfortable Clothes

Staying inside homes made us incline towards comfortable clothes that have sufficient give. While working from home, it is important for men to look and feel good.

This style trend continues even as offices resume normal work. Category Men has a line of shirts that are crafted from Egyptian cotton. Egyptian cotton has a high thread count and is both soft and luxurious to feel, providing men the comfort they need.

4. Athleisure

While we were once accustomed to going to bars, pubs and restaurants, social distancing brought all that to an end. People would gather at each other’s houses while following the precautionary measures. For this reason, athleisure became more popular and is all set to continue in our post-pandemic life.

Athleisure is an amalgamation of athletic and leisure clothing and provides the comfort we need when casually hanging out. This attire can be worn to the gym and even outside of it, making it a versatile option.

5. Matching Masks

The pandemic has left lasting effects on us. Since masks were a necessity to curb the transmission of the virus, it has now become more of a norm. Fashion giants were quick to catch on.

Post pandemic, masks matching with your shirts have become wildly popular. Now you can see celebs sporting masks at events and even as streetwear.

If you remain at the top of your fashion game, follow post-COVID men’s trending fashion that is both comfortable and sustainable.

Size Guide
The Modern Fit follows the line of the body, it gives a more defined appearance to the garment. It tapers in slightly in the shirt body as apposed to a straight cut It is also slimmer in the sleeves, for a standard, tailored look.