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10 Perfect Hairstyles That Look Natural

March 06, 2021

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Styling hair in the morning can be a real drag. A made up mane is cool, but there is a certain charm of nonchalance in that ‘just rolled out of bed’ hair. If you want to look effortlessly good, there are several low-maintenance haircuts that won’t cost you much time.

Hairstyle of men

Here are top 10 perfect haircuts for men that will have you looking sharp at all times with minimal effort.

1.Short Slick Back

Nothing captures the essence of sprezzatura like a smooth short slick back with an undercut or refined fade. This perfect fade haircut requires minimal effort and can be set with merely a comb or even fingers for a more casual look.

Best suited for: Oval faces

2.Buzz Cut

The buzz cut tops the charts as the perfect hairstyle for men who want to look good naturally, with minimum upkeep. The buzz cut is one of the shortest hairstyles, with the hair length somewhere between 1/16 and 5/8 inches. Instead of paying visits to the barber, you can get this haircut at home with your own electric shaver.

Best suited for: Oblong faces

3.Taper Haircut

The taper is the perfect hairstyle for boys for the season. It features hair shortest at the neck, growing in length towards the top of the crown. The best thing about this hairstyle is that it is popular and requires bare minimum effort, especially if you’re going for a more ‘woke up like this’ look.

Best suited for: Triangle faces

4.Short Side Part

This is the perfect haircut for men with thinning hair. The significantly shorter sides will give the illusion of thicker hair on the dome. With hair pomade for men, you can sweep your hair on one side to get that natural flamboyance.  

Best suited for: Diamond faces

5.Crew Cut

If you want to ooze boyish charm, the crew cut is the perfect hairstyle for males for all seasons! It features longer hair at the top that taper into shorter hair along the neck. Hair on the dome can be styled into a quiff, or left untouched for understated style.

Best suited for: Square faces

6.French Crop

If you want to slash a few years off your age, opt for this upbeat take on a military style haircut. The French crop is an effortless way to add more volume to your hair without inducing the trouble of creating a quiff. It features a blunt fringe that opens a world of styling opportunities.

Best suited for: Square faces

7.Low Drop Fade

If you have curly hair, the low drop fade will ensure you can roll right out of bed looking suave and sexy every time. This variation on the classic fade will take your hair to the next level without any significant effort.

Best suited for: Round faces

8.Butch Cut

The butch cut is the go-to hairstyle for men who don’t want to fuss over their hair. The butch cut features hair cut very short in every dimension. It is easy to maintain with minimal men’s hair care products and does not require any styling to look clean, elegant, and sophisticated all the time.

Best suited for: Square faces

9.Ivy League

The Princeton cut is a versatile option that gives the face more definition without any significant effort. It leaves just enough hair on the crown to be styled. The Ivy League is the perfect low-maintenance cut for men with a stubborn cowlick.

Best suited for: Oval faces

10.Faux Hawk

The fohawk is more of a hairstyle than a haircut, allowing you to look stylish without much care. This simple and laid back haircut will make you look younger and leave many styling opportunities for you.

Best suited for: Round faces

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